The Navigators of Your Journey

What is your desired fitness level? Have you lost your mojo or do you simply need to re-ignite your spark? Are you willing to get to the next level? Do you have what it takes but don’t know how? Deep within ourselves, we all know what we want to be – we sometimes lose our way or simply need a better navigator.

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Coach AK (Atif Khedri)


As the founder of AK Fitness – my clients and I have overcome physical parameters and exceeded expectations of many – parents wanting more for their children, individuals in their prime and baby-boomers taking care of their health. Let’s discuss your needs and make it happen! Before forming AK fitness – I played soccer at elite levels and have participated at numerous international fitness model competitions and have been rewarded and recognized amongst the very best in the industry. I have been certified and possess the necessary credentials to help you ignite your passion and fuel the journey.

The AK Fitness “Body Morphing” blueprint will pave the path to your desired outcomes. You provide the will and we will be the fuel for the journey. At AK fitness Your success is OUR mission. We don’t stop until you reach your goal. Choose your destiny and Let’s make it Happen!



Abdul is a certified fitness trainer who helps people through his passion toward fitness to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. His dedication and work ethic combined with his good sense of humor, positive mentality, high energy and high level of physical fitness became an asset toward motivating and transforming many people achieve their goals and “make it happen”.​

Abdul has a passionate interest in health and fitness, in helping people, and in making a difference. In his opinion, personal training is one of the most mentally, emotionally and physically rewarding jobs you can ever do and that’s why he loves it.

Corina Dinca

Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.)

Corina embraces clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy and Chinese medicine in her naturopathic practice. While she treats many different acute and chronic conditions as well as patients of all ages, she holds a particular interest in women’s health issues, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune illnesses and gastrointestinal concerns. She has additional training in Ayurvedic medicine and homotoxicology.

Trainers and RMT

Kia Ahadi

Kia Ahadi

Noted for his high-voltage energy, Kia Ahadi is driven with a burning desire to inspire, educate and transform people’s lives. He is a firm believer that a beautiful mind deserves a beautiful body and that mind, body and spirit must work together as one. Fed up and determined due to a months-long kidney episode at 18, Kia made the decision his life was going to change. After transforming his own body he felt such a significant difference in his life that he made it his mission to give people the same gift of health, vitality, and fitness.
Pouria Hashemi

Pouria Hashemi

Fitness Instructor
With seven years of experience in weight training and cardiovascular fitness, Pouria specializes in weight control: toning, shaping, trimming body fat, and building lean muscle. A passionate athlete himself, Pouria understands the dedication and discipline required for sport specific training. His training style includes functional training, weight training, cardio drills, and padding. Pouria is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Counselor by CanFitPro (Canadian Fitness Professionals). His compassionate personality, commitment and caring nature towards his clients are the secret behind his clients’ high success rate.
Colin Badali

Colin Badali

Registered Massage Therapist
As a registered massage therapist, Colin brings an ever- deepening interest in the management of chronic or persistent pain syndromes, in addition to simply assisting athletes looking to maximize their recovery potential.  He is a proponent of strength training, as well as low-level laser therapy.
B.Sc. Kinesiology, McGill (2009)
RMT through the CMTO (2015)
Graduate Certificate in Chronic Pain Management, McGill (expected 2018)

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