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The AK Training Camp concept was inspired by the simple fact that the YOUTH are our future. Knowing this, we have a responsibility to lead our Youth in the right direction. If we really want our children to perform and do well, we have to set them up for SUCCESS.

How do we do this?

We do this by optimizing their Health and Wellness. This is done by educating them about how to use their body and minds.

School is OUT! Let’s get our youth off of their iPads and video games. Let’s get them moving, having fun, learning and growing into their best selves. Our mission is to ensure that our campers leave with a clear understanding of health, fitness and nutrition through our Fitness and Lifestyle coaching.

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Functional Training Camp
Ages: 9-13yrs

At this age youth have exited the ‘discovery’ phase and have now entered a phase we call ‘exploration’. Similar to how an infant discovers to crawl then walk, it is time to really get moving and learn how to really use their mobility and functionality. This is where we develop the foundation of proper movements from simple to complex.


Sport Specific (Hockey/Soccer)
Ages 14+

By this age the foundation has been laid. The fundamental understanding is there. It is now time to ‘create a champion’. Here is where we get specific with our kids. This is when a kid knows how to move but we want to make certain movements optimal. This phase is about athletic development and creating fitter, faster and stronger athlete. Each athlete will learn and practice the proper techniques for exercises and lifts, improving strength, speed, and agility and help to improve the athletic performance.


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